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Father Please!

Father, forgive me,
For I have sinned and my misery is imminent.
My soul calls out in anguish,
My mind relinquish in its fury,
For my sin has branded me a traitor.

Father please!
My soul is lost,
My spirit is redundant,
My grief is without fail,
For life has led astray.

Father help me.
I am a lost sheep in a green pasture,
My life, I gave to greed.
My companion is mute,
I wallow in the helplessness of my ignorant.

Is it wrong to want it all?
To love, to want, to hate;
Yet why does my spirit wrestle?
My soul bleeds and mind sinks,
Father, I am confused.

I gave my existence to man,
He took it and made it a rocky mess.
A plain existence now made with edges.
Is this my reward father?
Save my soul.

I was blinded by the my greed.
You told me to be wary of man,
Yet I strutted into the lion’s den with innocence,
My pride now made a puddle of blood.

Father please forgive this errant servant.
Love made me a slave of labour,
A servant of kitchen duty,
A vicious hate I owned,
A terrible monster I became.

Alas! Please, send forth your hand.
I am done with this suffering,
My eyes are open.
My being is a mockery for the young.
I knew before you in humility.

Love me father
My days are numbered
Help me father
My mind is in a comatose state
Forgive me father
I can’t hold out anymore.

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