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That night I opened my door to depression
She helped me hide my nightmares from expression;
So well from everyone;
After all no one cared if I lived or was gone
She helped my conquest against heartbreak;
The night I wept till daybreak

These flash images of his face
Reminds me of the nibbling touch of that night:
Hearts beating;
Breaths stifling;
Apparels shifting
Beneath bodies bleeding needs
With thrusts and ‘mmhhs’ matching the beads
Of sweat that settled the feud between us

A fortnight later
It was another matter
Alas! Love is brutal and lonely
Especially for those who serve it
The more you have, the less safer you are

‘Tis my new friend
Oh! My lovely old fiend
Offered the coffin and the coin for my funeral
As the blood spilled, the rhythm eased
As the pain increased, the sorrow decreased
My soul secretly relished the rush of bland blood blending with sweat sweat and tasty tears

As I lay there
I ne’er found hate even in the eyes of an enemy
Nor truth in the mouth of a liar

But in the eyes of a child scaffolded to my walls
Her silhouette serenaded the hall
And I beheld a reflection of my broken self
I felt shuffled back to my shelf
Where they searched sections to find me

This new need to knit a face to my dignity
To forgo this monster who makes his fortunes from mining misses
To forget how he dug my hole
And now he’s on the prowl for the next gurl

Men like him do the devil’s work
But I dare not tempt my fate further
Choosing death is meaningless, unless life is a choice
I cease to bleed for these boys

And as for you, depression!
You have stayed far beyond your extension
I’m no thing for your perverse amusement
Now, I choose life in its fullest
Just go
And don’t forget to put my door on bolt

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