Bard Girls

Bard Girls

Slim bald bard girls,
With their mouths coated with sugar,
To say sugarcoated words
To I, an upcoming Poetess.

Ebony is the blood that
Flowed through their veins—
African bald bards.
African black beauties.

They traded their love for me
On a platter of poetry.
They chanted: “We want a poetess,”
But Poetess’ heart was too fragile.

I wasn’t a ‘woman wrapper’,
I loved the clique of bard boys,
But these bard girls didn’t let me be.

They wanted a clique.
They wanted to begin a caucus.
They wanted a haven where
Drink from a cup and eat form a bowl.

Their beaded tiny waists,
Wooed me into their clan.
They said the hairdo was koroba;
In seasons of love,
I could plait Sadé Adú,
But to sing songs of sorrow,
We’ll just go bald.

With their every step,
Their waist chanted songs
Accompanied by the beads as
Their heads remained bald,
But gracefully holds the water pot.

Like WiFi, they had a password for their clique.
Like Spectranet, they had subscribed
To a lifetime plan of bard women…

Forgetting that,
“Twenty children cannot live
In a house for twenty years.”

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