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What If?

Thinking about how we related in the past,
So sad that it ends so fast,
You made me cry at last,
Have been asking myself, “What If?” Maybe…. hmmm
What if we didn’t meet on Zuckerberg street?
Maybe we would be happy strangers,
What if we didn’t chat with each other?
Maybe we would be good strangers,
What if—I don’t know how or why?
But destiny wants to play us for a while.
Me and you are apart in a mile,
Don’t even know when next I would smile.
It’s okay, that’s life,
We can’t force things to be as we want,
Let just accept we only met to part,
I never want to look back and say:
What if, my love? Oh not—love,
What if my man can be a man?
And not be his mother’s boy?

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