One and Only Kiss

One and Only Kiss—ZenPens

Owen was born mute, and the prophecy was that he can only speak when he gets his first kiss from his one true love.

Mary is a girl who fascinated by the silent Owen. She thought he was just being a snub. But when she found out that he was mute, she slowly and silently begins to fall in love with him.

But there’s another person who is bent on destroying Owen, and making sure that he never speaks. She has an agenda which involves getting him to kiss her.

With two girls vying for his attention. Would he be able to find out who his true love is? Or would he make a mistake and end up doomed?

Find out.


Author=> Author Feathers.

Pages=> 569.

Genre=> Love and Romance, Fantasy and Adventure, Suspense.

==> This story is currently unedited.

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