My clothes couldn’t even cover me,
Even my own body rejected me.
My soul frowned at my inadequacies.

There are so many unanswered questions,
Voices inside my head screaming, so loudly.
I think I can hear what they are asking.

Did I achieve my goals or didn’t I?
Did my 2019 go as planned? or didn’t?
Am I ready to welcome the ‘new year’ in anticipation?
Shan’t it be the same circle of medrioctiy?

I guess it’s not gonna be a ‘new year’ yet because I’m not ready.
It’ll just be another day in the same week.

I guess it’s just a new month, just like others.
I overheard someone saying ‘new year, new life’
But it’s still my old self,

The same old habits.
The same bunch of bad company I shall keep.
The same ‘no mannaz’ I’m now a Marlian

It may be a ‘new year’ for them but for myself, it’ll just be another Wednesday in a new month..

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