E,A,T! … Early, Alive, Triumph!

If you are reading this piece this morning,
you are among the E,A,T soul.

So wake up
get up
and blossom.

Yesterday is ashes,
today isn’t mere wishes.
Be in charge
and thrill your world.

Underestimating you
should be the spurring factor.
Ignoring your prowess,
should be the rate limiting step.

You are E,A,T!
you cannot be eaten.
You are E,A,T!
your cannot be beaten.

The world moves in your direction,
the tide, the wave, the morning breeze and exquisite sun.

Be yourself
there is none like you.
Enjoy yourself,
you are the meat in every food.

You don’t need to prove a point to tell the world that you are E,A,T.
All you need is to be E,A,T,
And the would will come beckoning.

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