A Mother’s Last Words to Her Son

I held your prick the first time you took a piss
So sit and take this piece
Of advice from this forlorn falconer
Fear women!
Less they bless you with their omen

Beware of these willy women with subtle contrivances
Deploying deceit with great grace and ease
Their August rush rigs;
Pockets deep and steep.
Only her can watch you ruined
Turning your toddling dreams to a teetering giant

Life cooks one stale;
With sad smoke
it serves broths with severe methods
Methods of its own.

Here, luxury is in short supply
But believe in yourself, the way some believe in a god
Ultimately, death is the price for our liberty
We are but shadows in dust
So live every moment with avid lust

To do things right, rely on those who were wrong
I did so little, with so much
To be hunted by one’s life mistakes, is a fate far worse that death
I risked too much
And I had much to pay for

Find friends far from philandering
Weed out the many, to find the few
This town is a lonely town
A ‘use you’ town
Show that girl Kasiemobi no frown
She will make you a fitting crown

If you have to drink to think
Do so within a brink and return to your household within a wink
Cellars sell you cheaper than they buy you dollars

Chase dreams not memories
Less you catch worries
Wage and win your wars
So, your old age leaves no scars

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