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Yes, I’m Mad

Yes, I’m mad
You treated me like a maid
And used me as if I’m Aba made
Forgetting my young age
With my pen I rage
For you already kept me in cage

Yes, I’m mad
Under the rain I cry
For it washes off my tears
And reduces my fears
No one is there
Not even the one who call me his dear

Yes, I’m mad
My heart has stopped to beat
My ink has stop to bleed
So my pen stopped to breathe
For my hand is feeble and weak

Yes, I’m mad
Yes, I’m mad
You shattered my mind
I thought you are kind
Then my eyes are blind

Yes, I’m mad
But actually I’m not really mad
I’m just mad at you
We’re all mad at something
We’ve all been betrayed by someone

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