The Night I Said, “Yes, I Do.”

The Night I Said, "Yes I Do"

I’m a legend when it comes to making choices
even my body language speaks more than ten thousand voices.
I’m no novice
to the beauty of Alice,
yet I stood like chalice
in need of a support device.

Hell no, it is not Alice Bayer,
my childhood crush who sends thrills through my spine any time I see her.
This is far beyond the matter of love affair,
igniting hearts with love in the air.

My heart rumbled like a mob in action
waiting to tear down the peace of a station.
It feeds it demanding impulse
with the pieces of every moment.

All these kept egging me on,
to latch my being to her calming breast,
to pour my soul to her soothing laps,
where lots of love abound.

Then like a trident beam
penetrating through every fathom gleam
to lay hold on my escaping dream
that was floating in a life’s turbid stream;
I seek the peace of happy endings.

And all expect me to say
“Yes I do,” like an espoused bride.
But it lingered in suspension
with looking forward to the moment that changes everything.

The night I said, “Yes I do, ”
changed every course in my life.
“Yes I do?” This is not a marital vow
“Yes I do?” Yes, being that answered my ‘how’s’.

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