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The New Church Order

I was running from temptation,
So I ran into a church for salvation,
All I needed was divine and a little intervention,
As self desires are becoming self destruction.

Instead of salvation, I saw wealth glorification,
Big blessings! Booming blessings! Like an alliteration,
What is salvation if the word of God suffers starvation?
When carnality comes before eternity, a believer is blessed with condemnation.

The house of the Lord is now a home of fashion,
In His presence is the fullness of dress competition,
A cordial commotion,
The recipe for disaster that cooks destruction.

Signs and wonders have become wonder signs of confusion,
Choristers now get high to get a higher inspiration,
Instrumentalists now play their tunes based on carnal intonation.
Believers have turned the Bible into a comic book,
author of their own confusion.

Provocative tithes and offerings
have kept broke believers on hibernation.
Even female ushers’ provocative dressing have led convertees back to temptation.

Funny how brothers and sisters wallow in fornication,
Men of God have become gods of men, the mortal immortalization.

O God of creation!
Your nation is in a state of confusion,
All I see is the twilight of salvation,
And a rebirth of temptation,
Where then is meditation?
When there is more money worship than praise and worship edification.

End time sounds like percussion,
All I hear is repercussion,
The second coming comes with a ton of expectation,
Shall this New Church make it to New Jerusalem? I leave you with this question…

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