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Respecting Something, Expecting Nothing

We live our lives
like bees in hives,
marrying wives,
making drives
and creating fives.

We fill our minds
with rules of every kinds,
seeking without finds
groping like the blinds,
and falling behind.

We fixate our hope
on courage to cope,
words of the Pope,
ice cream on a slope,
and a flag on a rope.

We gave our best,
solved the test,
won the wrest,
yet we know no rest.

We have a culture
to shape and nurture
our present and future
into a beautiful nature,
yet ending in torture.

We want to glow
so we keep it low,
allow things to flow,
take things slow
and end with a blow.

Is this the light?
Or a woeful night?
Is this the fight
that will take our might?
A chase of golden sight
and winding into a dangerous plight.

It is no good
to be in a mood
that quietens the hood
yet burns like a forsaken wood.

Inspecting everything
and suspecting anything,
makes you end up respecting something
and expecting nothing.

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