I remembered, telling you how I was betrayed
Moira, you listened raptly, stroking my hair off the shackles of pain, bitterness, sympathy to live
River from my fountain of salt, dampened your favorite piece
Not a mutter of disgust crept from your lips.
You stroked on, eyes bright like the moon
Lips curved in a million smiles
A hiccup of serenity eroded my shattered being in the arms of an Angel
Myth of Peace became alive
Oozes of Rose became alive
On the note of flawless belief
You had the 47 vomit on my heart, the piece you, we, cherished
Then, I saw the curves, it was shaped in scorn
A face of an achiever
I could have pulled out the Ark and served you right
As your posterior made out to more souls
Alas! My being of flesh was in a pool you made
It was my ghost that stood all the while.
So, while you saved me from betrayal
You laid my soul to an infinite rest
I wait on you, Moira
As I tell yet, saviour of this escapade

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