Left home with nothing
Only determination set on his heart
To make something out of nothing
To find somewhere in nowhere

Step by step
Yards to miles
Kilometers to metres
And farther he goes

At the genesis—smooth was the road
To gully it graduates
Gully to river
Diving the only option

A risk worth taking
The sea awoke
Only to become turbulent
All strength he could collect
Out he swims his way

Nothing in nothing
Many places in nowhere

Still relentless
In the jungle was he lost
Trees with him they combat
He fumbles and stumbles
To win—to face mountains and steeps
He mounts and climb with all left in him

Onto the top he came
At his destiny—nation he arrived
Many things in nothing
Places in nowhere

Home call
Home sweet Home
Whose obedience is inevitable
Before his mind could resist
He’s gone
Like the wind

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