Perfect Zero

Sipping my chill coke
on a brown soft sofa,
I couldn’t help but choke
when I knew I had to suffer.

Suffer for what?
For the crimes of my fathers?
Or the actions of my leaders?
Yes, suffer for the deeds of others.

I shook my head in disdain
since all I could see is the pain.
I looked abused, broken and drained,
unknown to me this was the path to great gain.

All the daily insults,
yielded good results.
And the weekly assaults
made me rise above faults.

Of fading complaints,
I learnt to take responsibility.
And scarce blames,
I spoke in the spirit of nobility.

All I ever wanted in life
was to be an exceptional hero.
But I got tumult and strife,
a gold and a perfect zero
that made me the man I’ve become.

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