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Love is Not Magic

Love is not magic!
It’s a skeleton adorned on display
To stir souls to slaughter
As its powers rises, reason diminishes

Love is a perfect innuendo
With severe methods of its own
It’s had souls daggered and dragged through the mud of suicide
Like opium;
It is pleasure given, pain received

Even kings who bend to this magic
Lack the caution of common men
Like a bare wound
It allows no cover;
From flies and fleas
Its vulnerability comes in slices or even chops

Love herds hordes of hearts to a course
A course that betrays the head
Expending reason at the market of folly

Those who have it, rarely give it
Those who need it, rarely ask
Love is not magic!
It is plain tragic!

Ask that chick
Who sold my love for another’s prick
I’d rather remain a freak
Than for fall for its trick
Ne’er again!

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