Ice-cream for Breakfast

Ice-cream For Breakfast—ZenPens

What you want maybe now
may be wanted maybe later,
The present remains present so long
the past is now and the future is later.

What we aim today might be for the ‘morrow,
Perhaps the reason why Cupid refuses to shoot her arrow.

Mr. Right might look wrong,
and Miss Delight may sing not her lovely song,
Two rights might seem wrong,
Like a white man’s interpretations
to sounds from an African gong.

We may be the sweetest lemonade,
The feeling feelings feel when she serenades,
We may be falling for us like a running cascade,
Maybe this day isn’t a day the matchmaker has made.

Let it all work
and time will work itself out,
At first don’t occur at last,
Just the way you can’t have ice-cream for breakfast.

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