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Brown Honey

Brown honey, and as sweet too
Could a voice be so calm?
Could a smile be so innocent?

Heavenly artwork, the Creator must be proud
Sculpture of divinity
Curves so amazing
Undulating lines of hills and valleys
The best view of the horizon

She walks in with such brilliance
Darkness hides behind its own shadow
Her presence tames the wild
Her words soothe the wounded

What lies behind that beautiful, brown face?
That veil that cloaks the bad and the ugly
All the nightmares, the dented past
Yet she stares right into her demons’ eyes
Leaving them clueless of the pores in her soul

Brown honey, and as sweet too
She believes in me
Me! An infidel!
How lucky I am to know her
Yet, ineligible; I deserve not her warmth

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