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Agness sat on a long bench, with her back leaning against the sleek walls of the church, as she waited on him.

The long hours of waiting came to an end when Nonso appeared through the black gate. A soft smile crept into her chubby face.

“Yes, I’m ready.”

Those her the words she taught herself. She had recited those words in front of the gigantic mirror that hung in her bedroom every single night. And today, she was going to accept his friendship proposal.

“At 4pm today, I would want us to discuss something here,” Nonso had told her after morning mass that morning and she accepted. A wide grin evident in her face as she bit her lip, tilting her head at an angle.

In the evening, she was putting on her cherry blouse and a long flowing skirt. She had saved it for special occasions like this. Finally, Nonso was going to ask her out on a date.

“Hello!” Nonso voiced, “I’m sorry for keeping you waiting.” She pouted her mouth and rolled her eyes while she fiddled with her fingers as she always did when she blushed. He took her hands into his and pulled her up to her feet, drawing her so close.

Her arms flew wide open when she thought he was inviting her for a hug, but he leaned forward with his hand extending to her backside. He slapped off the dust from her skirt and cautioned, “Always be conscious of where you sit.”

Her lips parted in a smile, accentuating the gapping in her teeth. “Would you like to be dusting my seat henceforth?” she giggled and raised a fist which got trapped in mid-air before it could connect with Nonso’s chest.

Nonso drew back and slipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a white envelope. “Your choir master ask me to give you.”

Reluctantly, she took the envelope from him and watched him walk away. Her heart sank and balls of tears fell down her cheeks as she tore open the envelop.

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