Words From Within These Walls

As the year runs to an end,
If you walk into my room
And listen carefully,
You’ll hear the walls, trying so hard
To whisper my secrets to you.

My secret sins and the
Sins in the secret.
They will want to tell you
The tale of how I slept and woke
Like an animal, without the
Sense of ‘quiet time’.

They’ll try to tell you
Different shades of truth.
The truth I definitely, would not tell.

They’d tell you how I battled addiction,
Wrestled with porn and
How often I longed for God to
Save me from its shambles.

They’ll also not forget to add, that
I used to be a chameleon—
A chicken before my prayer altar,
But a warrior on the church altar.

Albeit, they’ll also tell you how
I’d conquered my conquer
And smuggled my smugglers
To race the race of life,
Never to moon walk again.

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