What About You?

What About You?

Fate must have been drunk.
He joined us knowing we were opposites,
Rather toxic,
Maybe just two unkind souls never to meet.

I should hate fate,
Blame fate,
Curse at him and say, “Fuck you,”
Cos he messed up major big time.

Yet it was our choice to make,
To stand and fight or
Surrender and die.
We made our choices, but was it right?

Fate laid the foundation,
We sold the land and split the burn,
Or I took it all.
Yet I still love you like the first day.

You should probably say, “Wow. I am speechless,”
I always wanted you speechless, everyday and forever,
With the movement of my lips, the words of my mouth,
The gaze of my eyes and joining of our loins.

I want you lost of words, grappling for comprehension.
I fought for my sanity after the love war,
Now I long to hunt you and hurt you,
Make everyday a pleasurable torture.

You were the first to make me love,
Hurt, cry, bleed and please.
To make me want to look pretty,
And see every blemish to my as a disease.

I love you,
This is my choice.
I want you, this is my conviction
What about you?

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