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To A Great Sky

Ignite your light,
Let the gloom gleam, beam so bright,
Till the world ignores the sun beam,
Bring to life the dying dream,
Save the crown of the drowning king,
Write a new verse to the universe,
Saying you’ve changed the sand of time in her hourglass,
Be the smile on her face,
The legs to run the human race.

Sing her some new songs,
Make a right of her wrongs,
Groom her, make her a bride,
Be her king, be her pride,
Bring out the beast in her hide,
Make her beautiful again,
Quench her flaws and send down the rain.

Ignite the light,
Let shine the sun so bright,
Like the brightest day of the darkest night,
Let your wings take flight,
Fly high to where the peak lies,
From your heart to a great sky.

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