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The Night Before

The night before will remain embedded on the pages of my mind, like the crispy taste of an onion and the pungent smell of garlic.

I remember showing up at her front door, innocent but hopeful. I won’t lie I had a lot running through my mind. I knew a lot of things I wanted to do with her, a lot I wanted to do to her.
The moment her pretty head popped out the door, my emotions came running naked to the toe. It was written all over my face and in my eyes because my gaze was almost unconsciously fixed on her cleavage. She saw it and she knew it, she knew how sexy she looked in that tank top and bum shorts that revealed most parts of her thighs, but she didn’t think I’d mind. What she didn’t think of was how much my soul sought for every part of her.

“Hey!” she screamed a second time before I regained consciousness. “Are you coming in or what?”

“Sorry,” I said, as I shut the door behind me and made my way to my favourite spot on her bed and I sat down.

“Good evening Felix.”

Oh yes everything was good about this evening, but I couldn’t blurt that out.

“Good evening Mira.”

“It’s Mirabel! Do I always have to remind you?”

“Okay, whatever.” I really didn’t see the difference between both names, but as far as I was concerned she really needed put a shirt on or I’d lose control sooner or later. Self control; it was my one virtue she really admired. It made her feel at home with me. It made me her best friend. She knew we were just best friends and I could hold my libido.
I flexed my phone as I tried so hard to ignore her. I spoke to her without looking up and it vexed her.

“Are you ignoring me?”

“What! No no, I’m playing a game, its very interesting.” But hell! the only interesting thing in that room was her body.

And then, she did what every crazy bestie would do when they feel ignored, what she had always done. She snatched my phone away and sat on my laps. Her boobs shook vigorously and an unusual feeling surged through me. It was ‘want’. No, It was ‘urge‘, a heartbreaking urge to grab her and taste her cologne directly from her neck and then draw irregular circles that would make her shiver, but I couldn’t be stupid enough to try that. I knew our boundaries. The number one rule was no feelings.

But I was willing to risk it. Not risk ending our friendship but risk telling her what I felt.

“Mira,” I called with a certain kind of tenderness I never knew existed in me.

“Yes, Fe, you know me too well bro, I’m not giving you the phone. You can’t ignore me and go scot-free.”

Bro? I thought. She really made me feel bad whenever she called me that.

“No Mira its not that.”

“So… what is it then?”

“Never mind.”

“Felix don’t! Spill it or leave my room!”

That was our fifth rule—no ‘never-minds’. Once you started to talk you had to finish.

“Well Mira, it’s just that I have developed feelings for you.” The moment those words escaped my mouth, a burden was lifted off me. Her silence and blank face gave me the morale to go on. “I have been in love with you for sometime now and I’m sorry I am! I couldn’t control myself any longer! You know things like this just happen, we don’t make it happen!”

Tears were rolling down my eyes.

“Look, Mira I know we’re best friends and I have broken our first rule, but please cut me some slack here! I fucking love you and I can’t help it! Plus—”

I wanted to go on with my rambling but she cut me short and suddenly I could feel her nose touch mine and she kissed me so passionately. I felt my nerves go wild. I wanted to look at her but her eyes were shut, her emotions were clad. She looked unusually beautiful under the white light raining down from her florescent bulb. Unusual because I suddenly became fully aware of her features. She savoured on my lips bereft of the fact that I was lost. This wasn’t how it was supposed to work out. She was supposed to stay away from me, but there she was glued to my mouth.

I stopped thinking. I just enjoyed it while it lasted. I took her upper lip, fed on it and switched to her lower lips. She tasted like peach and smelled like raw wine. I got drunk on her body. I was going to feast on her tonight. Her hand slid from my hair to my neck as I planted a kiss below her jaw. My kiss grew wild with every passing second as she ravaged my chest and held my nipple. By now my left grip was tight on her waist as my right hand worked her bodice. She moaned while I sucked every corner of her neck, sending her into a magical world. I wasn’t sure what I was doing , but I was doing it.
I was so hard in between my legs and I could feel the softness of her bum on my laps. She turned around and I was in between her legs while she sat back on my laps. She felt my growing hardness and all she did was grind me. She continued until my groin was somewhere between pain and pleasure. I wanted to scream but her lips kept me shut.

I continued to kiss her as my hand made its way through her clothes to somewhere below her strapless bra. She felt it, the way I stopped and then her lips left mine. Then she looked into my eyes as if to encourage me to go on. I was red-faced and I couldn’t withstand her stare. She was too beautiful now. I was totally aware of her now.

“I’ve waited so long, Felix! I have.”

“Waited for what?” I asked.

“I love you too, Fe.”

Those words threw me off balance. I blushed unbelievably. I became overwhelmed by affections I never knew existed. I closed her lips with mine, this time wholeheartedly. My doubts were cleared. She loves me! I screamed in my mind. I wanted to ask why she didn’t tell me but pleasure wouldn’t let me. Instead I made my way to her bra again only to stop half way, still unsure if this was what she really wanted.

She took off her tank top, released her strapless bra to reveal two magnificent boobs. It was too much for me. I wanted it too but she was too daring. She had always been like that. She did anything she wanted without hesitating. She always got what she wanted. Even from those boys that roamed around her while I grumbled to myself. I didn’t know how but she had her way of getting to them, besides she had the looks and the body too. But I knew one thing, they hadn’t seen what I was seeing right now. I could only think about them behind her bra but now I could see them standing right in front of me on her beautiful chest. She took my hand, placed it on her right boob, leaned forward and resumed work on my lips.

I was lost again. My breathing started to break as my heart raced. I cupped her boobs as we exchanged passionate kisses. I squeezed hard enough to make her moan and drag her lips across my face. She put my face somewhere on the surface of her chest and I lost my mind. She wanted me so badly. I felt her urge rise as I gave a little bite to her left nipple while squeezing her right boob. She shook with pleasure and excitement and let out a cry that ended with a chuckle. I was scared her neighbours would hear but I continued.

I took her right boob in my mouth before switching to the left. I wanted to taste every part of her at once, but we had all the night to ourselves. She begged for more of what I was serving her. She lay still in my arms as I bent her neck backwards to kiss her belly button. I suddenly became well aware of her. I became distinctly aware of the scent coming from somewhere between her legs. It was intoxicating. I squeezed on her bum and as if in agreement, she rolled it and made grinding circles on my groin. In response, my tongue worked her belly and rolled down till my teeth met her bum short. I unbuttoned it, still working with my teeth, I unzipped it.

What I saw brought me back to reality. I couldn’t end it like this. Not when we just discovered our hidden feelings for each other. I withdrew from her and all of her. I dressed myself and brushed my face. Without saying a word I made for the door.

She was dumbfounded. She followed behind asking why I stopped. I unlocked the door and stepped out. She immediately hid behind the door and stuck her head out. I looked around and no one was coming, not like I cared. I reached out and planted a kiss on her forehead.

“I love you Mira, but let’s take it one step at a time. Good night.”

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