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Pearls And Stones

When I drowned in wealth
Lived lavish
Lavished life
They were there; they were all there
“Family and friends,” as I called them
Parasites, with me as the host
Nibbling my every bit
Sucking every drop
All it took was a misstep
And I came tumbling down my cliff of foolishness
How could it be, that advice could be toxic?
That mere stones could look like pearls
Oh! I was once blinded by silver and gold
It’s all gone and now I see
I see how crowded but empty my life was
A lot of of companionship, but yet alone
Alone?! Oh no
Thank gracious for these ones that still stayed
That still love me without the silver and gold
From whom I learned the difference between pearls and stones
Alas! I learned by the hard way

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