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Only You

When the stars that fill the sky and moon become visible
When the night comes and everywhere is cold
When the moon appears and everywhere is lovely
It’s you I see
It’s only you

When the time ticks from minutes to hours
When the night moves from hour to hour
When the light takes over
It’s you I think about
It’s only you

When the dew’s there and everywhere where becomes busy
When the dew dries and sun rises
When the hustler returns home and sun sets
It’s still you
Only you I think about

When the night comes and star begins to appear
When the moon becomes visible and everywhere is beautiful
When the moon becomes invisible and everywhere is silent
It’s still you
It’s always you and only you

Whether it’s sunny or rainy
Whether it’s hot or cold
When it’s soft or hard
I guess it’ll always be you
And it’s always you

I still can’t stop looking at the sky
Even though destiny had snatched away my brightest star
It’s always you
It has always been you

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