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How To Love Again in August

First I want to know how it went with Samuel
The blast from the past
And by the way, he was no match for that duel

He offered roses and then a tulip
Just to see beyond the bend
Same blood, same mud!
Sweep the stern and girdle up that hip

This laundry list of lovers with midnight methods that suck
Messed up your life that had so much luck
And now, you swim this snake pit of self-pity

Why do they treat me this way?
Am I only suited and booted for sex?
The promise of love ‘for and aft’ was all a hoax?
And you wallow in defense, bracing for the next offense

You were carved as a curator
A masterpiece of the creator
Not an afterthought
Chi… collect your thoughts

This is how to love again in August
Curl back to your safe little space
Where they fought just to see your face
Because beauties like yours are in very short supply
Let them queue up to apply

Shed this autumn leaves:
Cool your jets awhile
Place your heart between too less and even less
Let he whose heart wins, be the one whose heart heaves;
For you the most

How to love again in August
Should be to throw the day’s bin in the back
And work!

Build your forest so far and lush
Very deep and wide for every man beneath your lash
So that when he comes
He’d say
I vow to help you love life
And have the patience that love demands
To love you in all your forms

Do not let your penchant for prodigality scar the sight of your saint
Learn your lesson
As you serve the poison

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