Because I’m Black

Because I’m black the world paints the devil black and have God white

But this God made ‘them’ male and female
Male, female, humans, not colours.

Tell me how does the moon shine without a dark sky?
Why does the day fold into dark night?

I hear people say life’s not fair
Maybe that’s why I came out from my mother’s womb black

I am black, I am human, just human.
I’d tell my black tales with boldness
And wear my black skin with pride

I am a black girl whose black lips spell BLACK without fretting
I am a beautiful story wrapped with a black cover

So etched on my black skin are black scars;
The beautiful designs I’d always love to flaunt

Upon my head are my black kinky hairs;
The threads tying my broken Africa together

On our black soil is the black blood running through black veins;
The blood which attracted white flies

I need not repress a sigh like I am being sucked down into a dark hole just because I am black

So even with the sores on my tongue
I’d still scream your name, AFRICA

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