The True Essence of Who You Are

The true essence of who you are
Does not lie in the arms that cuddle your cold body, whispering I love you
Even when they just want to do you
Kasie, you are far!

The true essence of who you are
Does not lie in that longest three seconds of orgasm
Laced in lust and lush with a saintly suit sequined in hedonism
You swayed and swooned
Remember he couldn’t even afford a spoon;
To feed your family when they fell off that hunger cliff

He does not love you
He just wants to use you
He is just a boy and friend
Yet he treats you like a toy and fiend
Consult your conscience

He hasn’t spared a snuff nor a gin for your kit and kin
Yet he humps you hard like a horse
Kasie leave that house!

It’s been one thousand eight-hundred and twenty-five days
And he’s rode you for five thousand four hundred and seventy five days
Vaguely pathetic
No, I’m refreshingly sympathetic

You are precious
The woman of Counsel’s dreams
The woman whose dark eyes are limping pools of desire
The woman whose lock of hairs smirks of wisdom when prodded

The true essence of who you are
Is locked in a soul sealed in a tomb of Anglephobia!

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