The Traveller

On the road, in transit
I’m seeing life as it is
Happy, yet so sad
Suffering, with a hint of smiling

Traffic jams; road hawkers
Both the cheap and expensive cars
All facing the same fate
Just like the same death—
waiting for the rich and the poor

Bad roads surrounded by nice monuments
The monuments are more important
The drivers are always angry
For no specific reason

The passengers are always less concerned
Some sleep through the journey
Completely trusting the driver
Like it’s Jesus on the wheel

Along the road are the street thugs
They ask the drivers for money
We’ve accepted it as the lesser evil
Its better than if they demand—
with a gun in their hands

On the road; in transit
I’m seeing life as it is
Mysterious, yet so simple
Hard, with a hint of hope

It’s not an easy road…

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