South Of My Heart

South Of My Heart

South of my heart is a wasteland
All foggy and stinky
The stench of decay!
The decay of dead feelings
A combination of terror and devastation

The tempests, the storms
Heartbreaks, migraines
The fear of being alive
The bitterness of love
The craving to be loved

South of my heart is the aftermath of a war zone
All lonely and scary
The debris of what was once whole
Forgotten joy
A city of rejects and regrets

I see fallen walls
Black clouds, a sunless sky
Thorns and thistles, so overwhelming
South of my heart, somewhere on a rocky hill
Stands an inverted cross

South of my heart is the hell you created in me
All dark and lifeless
Where I dumped every memory of you
Where I nailed the love we shared
South of my heart, the far south

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