Mma m

The beauty of onwa dwells in you
A habitat of the universe in blue
Lion King in awe
A soul in spark of flames

Uwa m di Mma
The diva, Mma m

Allured on the horizon of your web
Enchanted by a mere magic herb
The river of ụtụtụ drains, oh! Fab
Phoenix queen of pride
Die once to more shine
Life’s your merry dice

In ashes, a bane to the green
Furious queen on rampage
Fields bleed in brown, earthquakes
Mma m,

Allow the chillness of mine to prevail
Blue waves of thine being
Bitterness enflames thy innocence
Clung all hate in balls of snow
Hold my hands, my love
May I set you free?
Opposition bridge lay.

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