Graceful and gorgeous,
my lady is fair.
A queen so sumptuous,
with dark shiny hair.

She is Violetina,
my virgio from Argentina.
And compared to Martina,
she is a goddess in the order of Fiona.

I kept vigil all night
just to make her feel alright.
I’m engulfed by her sight
a beauty that gives me might.

If my heart is a game,
she got no competition.
And if I’m to die in flame
she’d be my combustion.

She is the star I see,
the warmth I feel,
the heroine that set me free
and the captor that brought me on my knees.

I seek my lady,
like a golden Teddy.
And through thorns and sturdy,
I shall come forth ready
to claim my lady.

O! My Violetina,
my apple and banana,
my spine and stamina,
the rod cells in my retina.
What will I do without my Violetina.

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Chima Daniel is a guy that loves to relate his environment and literary piece. He loves poems, traveling and browsing.


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