Maybe I’m not as strong as I look.
Maybe I don’t have a cast iron heart.
Maybe I’m human,
Maybe I haven’t transformed into that Robot yet.

Maybe I’m weak and I feel my future might as well be bleak.
I should stay silent and let my demons speak,
I should let them out because against the walls of my soul they punch and kick—
They scrape and screech, wanting to be free.

Maybe I am sad, you’ll never know.
Maybe I have mastered the act of nonchalance and I won an Oscar in indifference.
Maybe my heart breaks every time I read your name.
Maybe I scream because I know it will never be the same.

Maybe I am a monster and you are my hunter.
Maybe you’re free to rip me apart with your words and feed me to my doubts,
Stab at my heart with a stake and cry to the sky that you’ve won.
Maybe I’m just a creature who doesn’t deserve your love.

Maybe my soul is broken, cannot be mended,
And my heart is stone and I turned it that way.
Maybe I’m a demon, born out of pain and anguish.
Maybe this is me or maybe this is all I’ll ever let you see.

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