Maybe We Are Crazy

Maybe we are crazy
To think our leaders are nice
To be frank we aren’t lazy
Up and off like a kite

My uncle kicked my ankle
I sat and said no word
Mute as I maintained my angle
Angrily keeping my sword

The country lies in ruins
People are struggling and smiling
Leaders defile our queens
We are all suffering and singing

Someone steals a penny
The house echoes, “Jail him”
A senator chops our millions
All we hear is a “bail hymn”

Power in the hands of the lunatic
Not far from being in hell
Dinning with the Illuminati
An agony no one could tell

Our schools are in shambles
The clinics are death centres
Our systems have all crumbled
Condolences in long letters

We are divided further and farther
By the people we voted into power
We live like one with no father
A rich, ugly lady without powder

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