I Am Human Too

I am human too
Not because you are a man
But because I am human—woman

I am a piece artfully and bravely wrought
Dabbed in tart tapestry of silk and silver

Sufferance is the badge of all our tribe
Neither exacting a price nor a bribe:
We let you feed fat on our care
Strong from our love
Drunk from faithfulness even in seeming drought

We help forge new weapons:
To conquer new demons
Vanquish old wizards
And build the fence against foreign foxes;
That threaten intrusion into our pen-house

We fight off all domestic malice:
Fend off all foreign envy
Quench all flames that fan embers of ancient grudge
In your household
We are the dearest and the nearest you could ever have

We assign reason upon reason to this holy endeavor
Not to repair our fortune
For we too came from a parlour
Where meals are served with shiny silvery spoons

So when you make us mere party pieces;
On display for your political privilege;
You sting our rage!
You pierce out hearts!
You dagger and drag our soul through the streets of dejection.

We are not the chandelier adorning your palace
Nor the chariots in your stable
We came as peculiar care of heaven
With sovereign sway and royalty
Doubly bound by body, blood and water;
To hatch your eggs

So ne’er doubt the devotion of a wilful woman;
To her man!
We battle nature to bring forth
Sons and daughters
So your bloodline is not relegated to the pages of long forgotten journals

We are the hands that male the meals
Knitting the silk;
With plenteous love in every stitch
For you and your kids

Like the finger that catches your tears
We cleave
When half of the world leaves

We stand tall even when life throws us upside down
Because as a woman
We always device methods of our own
To live right-side up!

So when you throw tantrums;
Or fling fists for fights
Threatening to sting the soul that held your heart and home, asking no ransome
You cook stale our love

Even when you parade your pageant of nipples
With reckless abandon right before Obinna and Adanna
Know that you rig canals of distrust;
That wrinkle their nascent memories through the mud, leaving them limping on teetering foot for stance later in life

We are a child’s best teacher
We dress them up for greatness
With keenness of corner we find their rumpled robes and straighten them
Looking into their pagan eyes with loss that smirk of fear and uncertain of the world outside
We give them strength to stroke stories dotted in success.
So when they leave our arms and face the world;
They are suited and booted
Cocked and locked for exploits
That’s my medal of motherhood!

Nwokem, when we become too clingy
Don’t get too stingy with that masculine musk
We just want to keep you very close
So we can keep you much longer
Because every woman loves one man
Once at a time!

So treat me right
I am a woman
And a human too

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