How To Save A Country

How To Save A Country

How do you save a country?
When you exercise tyranny over those beneath;
To support those above

How do you save a country?
Where the soldiers tire
Because the warlords have refused to retire?

To cover up your misfit
You brought Halima whose silk reeks of filth;
To hound haters who refuse to turn hunters
For your animal farm

You brew chaos where there was order
Bloodshed where there was peace
How then do you want your sons to live in peace?
You steal Somadila’s grass to feed Shamshudden’s sheep
What a father!

Your wounds of fatherhood are self-inflicted
Can’t you see how much hate you’ve scattered?

You surround yourself with powers so evil
You hide so well under this veneer
To serve vengeance with your hammer and anvil

How can you save a country?
When you share scoops of sorrow spiced with hunger, starvation?
You give tribalism instead of unity
Just because you see Ajoanu as uppity
When you spat hate
And yawn ruga just to amass more caliphate

You save a country
When you eschew acts that resonate division
And buy books that teach how to revive a nation

Stop smearing his sun yellow
Just leave Obinna alone!

You save a country
When you install a Solomon
Who can serve golden morn
Without asking;
Are you wa, zo, or bịa?

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