A story of a young girl full of life
enthusiastic and stirred by her innate drive
though against her wish, she must conform
to the traditions and customs formed

She is the first daughter of her clan
much is expected of her from family and fans
nothing seems to make her discouraged
not even her father’s wrath and outrage

She grows into a beautiful and elegant lady
ripe for marriage but not the least ready
she’s an epitome of beauty to behold
loved and cherished by young and old

the center of attraction of the town
as she walks with dignity and pride around
bellowing to the hearts of men with her whining waist
flaunting her enticing breasts which they crave to taste

Everything about and around her is good
just as her name ‘Ifedinma’ implies in full
an hard-hearted woman yet with a heart of gold
a pulchritudinous damsel, strong and bold

She carries an aura of confidence
In her every action which she gains eminence
so full of her self though her mother never fails to berate
“Ifedinma never look down on anybody with disgust or hate”

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