Aftermath of the Ask Out

Aftermath of The Ask Out

She was very pleasant,
a velvety goose in her chambers.
She treated the cold that came,
with kisses and hugs of flame.

He was a standard for date,
a scalloped panda laced in sash.
He satisfied her taste bud
like an Austrian strudel.

Both were perfect for a date,
a lovely banner at the gate.
And they raved their new state,
until they were hit by the arrow of hate.

And hate neither of Svengali
nor the love witch from Mali.
Hate of their own accord
swelled till they couldn’t afford.

How can a tender swain
cause her pain?
How can a svelte damsel
treat him like Jezebel?
It is all but one night
when all were right.

Suspicion grew,
affection flew.
All is at fault
but none took the insult.

In the green sward of their beginning,
the moon and the stars came beckoning.
Oh! What a charade to blissful ending
when lovely hearts are descending.

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