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Why Are You Here?

Each ensuing morning,
the sands of time in the hour glass
kept trickling down.
Ending and starting with a soul,
it is a measurement of our stewardship and vanity.

Generation comes, generation goes
and the same routine of: being born, grow, go to school, get a job, marry, get children, train them, live happily with your family, get old, retire and die … kept unfolding.

And the future only hoped for is a selfish bliss;
everyone knocking each other out to claim a finitude.
We call it ‘survival of the fittest’
yet those that survived aren’t fit.

The longing for perfection is infinitesimal,
the craving for satisfaction is a recurrent decimal.
And humanity melts in the arena of ‘I want to be’
as divinity orchestrate the ‘what will be’.

And those who attained greatness realized how small their strength is.
And those who claimed to have seen it all mope about like clueless Oris.
And those parading themselves as accomplished and fulfilled lay aloof on their bed still searching for meaning.

Life itself is tired of our mischief,
and the earth weeps like a mother in grief.
And our stay on earth is brief
because we steal from life like a petty thief.
We feast on frivolities
and enjoy the taste of immoralities.

If heaven is a man looking for a bride,
he will search till his limbs are weary
because none is without spot
and our ambitions are maligned from his.

Now the earth is very old
and her components are getting cold.
The flame that keeps her warm has been sold
and frostbite is embracing her every fold.

She is sickened by humans’ actions
and bedridden by men’s taste for blood.
But on her dying bed she whispers in a still voice
“Why are you here?”

“Wealth and health is the reason why I’m here,” as some will hurriedly say.
“I’m here to impact humanity,” as some will cynically say.
“Family and friends are why I’m here,” as some further said.
‘I’m here to leave a legacy behind while I’m gone,” as some boldly said.

“Why are you here?”
Isn’t a question that needs an intelligent answer.
It has nothing to do with logics or emotions.
It is a question that needs to be internalized
and meditated upon daily to serve as a burning lamp to brighten our dark world.

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