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Broken Children

Roaming the streets are the homeless children, destitute and desolate
Abandoned, denounced and left to die or face their fate
Sometimes they are from broken homes or the result of a juvenile’s mistake
To live a life they never desired, neither can they change their state
Shabbily dressed with unkempt hair, hungry stomach and gloomy face

They stand at the roadside watching in despair at moving vehicles and pedestrians with concentrated expression
With out stretched hands, they ask for alms with pleading cries and eyes full of expectation
Children in uniform striding and chatting catch their attention and they stare with a yearning to be in their situation
Wandering around from dusk to dawn looking for a ray of sunlight in their seemingly dark lives and condition
They retire at night to lay their weary heads in uncompleted buildings and under bridges of damnation

The evils of the society hunts them down as they become tools in the hands of the wicked to fulfill their selfish and evil goals
Exposed to violence, societal decadence due to the absence of parental or guardian roles
Indulgence in crimes becomes a norm and the innocent lass used as instruments of sexual satisfaction by ‘Agberos
Orphanage homes are full and lacking facilities to save these youngsters and give them a life with purpose
The once rejected juveniles are blamed and scorned for their actions and considered the worst foes

Who is to blame for this menace and what is the way out?

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