Wicked Attraction

Wicked Attraction

This is from Sly’s diary,
a collection of wanton strife.
It started with pleasure’s rife,
a treat of licentious life.

He is lost in lust
and in the fortress of her beauty.
Of confused trust,
he abandoned his post of duty.

What is the drive in him?
Is it love or sexy slim?
Or fantasies from a romance film?
Oh! His light is going dim,
who can salvage the good left in him?

At first I thought it was pride,
Or his howling mind of self.
But he got the hyena’s crave,
an insatiable feeling embracing the grave.

And the sisters of Rahab
displayed their garnished goods.
The ambassadors of whoredom,
declared a night out of freedom,
to lure him to early doom.

And jiggling ass got his attention,
jingling hips wrapped his passion.
And swaying thighs his attraction,
until he was a used tea bag.

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