The Wanderer

Up the cliff
down the ditch
Night and day
Swift and tardy
she trod the path untrod
walking the depth and ends
on a road covered with dust and dirt
the trees pave way for her
as she continues with legs becoming weary
the sun kisses the earth
her forehead creased
her eyes burned
and face damp with sweat
as she tries to shield herself
from the scorching heat
A traveller she is
sojourning far and near
not aware of her destination
but driven by a slim feeling of hope
the closer she got to the end
the farther it seemed
people she meet
people she leave
searching for a sign to reveal
the end of her misery
in this land of mystery
soon darkness hovers
the evening cloud reflects on the sea
she manages to find a shed
to rest her drooping head
for another journey ahead
She rises with the sun
with hope for a better day
her journey of no end continues
every where she went
everyone she met
She always asked a question
to tell how far she had gone
“Please, what is the time?”

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