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Set Me Free

Oft and on life got me on my knees,
praying for my abysmal soul.
I’m cutting up strange ties
just to have a taste of freedom.

Day by day, I’m drowning in my tears,
waiting for the one to set me free.
‘Who will set me free?’
‘Where is the one to set me free?’.

The sea of lust has capsized me,
groping for safety with no life jacket.
I’m praying for a savior,
waiting for someone to rescue me.

My mind is the tutorial class.
I’ve learnt my lessons,
and pain is my therapy.
Let me come to the light again.

Are you the savior to set me free?
I’ve been the devil in your eyes,
but don’t count on my behavior.
Just set me free!

Set me free from the fangs of destitution.
Set me free from the grips of retribution.
Set me free from the shackles of my past.
And I shall be free at last.

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