Taste your knowledge, when you’re feeding me false information?

Food for thoughts, my head is blaring with migraine,

Walk the distance and feel the mile-age,

Said she’s my Pad-dy, it’s all mind games,

Feel the power draining out of me like I am going through a light phase,

I need God’s awesome grace,

Not into green grass, drinks and lean, that’s why the bullets never grazed,

Never good with chemistry, but heck! I feel high-octane,

Can’t be contained or ordained,

I crawled out of that cave when they cracked and broke my ribcage,

Iron-y of it got me looking like Pennywise and Bruce Wayne,

Listening to tracks all day like a field-day,

My verses and hooks are off the chain,

Best rapper alive, I put onions and cabbages to shame,

I am unorthodox and inksane,

Make my pen bleed, rummage through her brain and express the very thing that causes me so much pain,

Ain’t nothing gonna be in vein, if the drug addict toss the syringe in the drain,

Trying to express myself with a couple of paint, now I am engaged,

Am I insane?
Mind in session, let my thoughts debate,

I am trying to find faith,

That boy so lit they can’t put out the flame,

Heck! With the calendars, honey! You gon’ be my date,

I’ve got an idea, why commit suicide, while you could just wait?

At the end, you’ll still die.

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