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Mek E No Be Like Say

Fo wi korro wey wi dey
pesin fit chop eba tok say na moi-moi.
Evribodi don package
sote pure wata no get leakage.

Yu fit think say Adamu na mumu
but him sabi say akuya no bi juju.
So if yu dey shake bolombolo say na ikebe
no forget say bolombolo dey break like gbese.

Oya try to dey wella
like pesin wey fit marry Stella.
No com dey form Emmanuella
becos yur shamalolo dey shine wella.
Mek yu reason yur mata
befor yur maga go scata.

Kpankpan golo
fit no com bi odudu yaya,
since yur bolombolo
don turn to askambaya.

Mek e no bi like say na mi tok pass
but e beta say na yu carri lass
dan to com dey form Mama Cass
wen yu bi old mama for class.

Mek e no bi like say beta thing miss road
becos say yur lie lie front and back load
dey shake like agbero wey carri overload
abi na tolotolo wey miss road.

Mek e no com bi say afta much much
na yu bi dey devil wey dey lie to pipo for church.
As e dey bi so
no carri anoda pesin go
with yur lie lie wey dey cos go slow.

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