Back From The 80’s

Back From The 80's

Back from the 80’s,
saw Michael Jackson,
had a great time with Steve Perry,
rocked the concert with Bruce Springsteen,
ladies screaming,
felt the current like AC-DC,
Lionel Richie singing along with Quincy,
caught a glimpse of Bob Dylan,
dreadlock rasta,
dreads like propellers,
big shout out to Bob Marley,
drunk in love,
Amy Winehouse Valerie,
vocals shredding the mix,
Dionne Warwick,
shrimp fried steak with Willie Nelson,
an autograph from Elvis Presley,
band practice with ub40,
Tina Turner so lit,
Marylin Monroe gave me a kiss,
Celine Dion so pretty,
Ray Charles didn’t
miss a single key, Steven wonder loves selfies,
I am back from the 80’s,
I should’ve been born in the 80s.

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