The Forbidden Fruit

The Forbidden Fruit

Out of the rib that created you
Slender and curved as I behold you
I thank the creator of such creature
For my eyes have eaten a feast of you

And now my hands are aching to touch
As I have seen two bosoms to clutch
And as my lips locate yours
Straight to my member, blood will rush

The allure of your sight and sound
Has made me to stand firm and proud
Both vertically and horizontally
With only the vertical touching the ground

The horizontal has come for its wife
To stimulate and stab like a knife
To mingle and dance with your orifice
And to shower it with outbursts of life

Let this forbidden thought come to pass
And for my sake, let it last
For Priapus himself is watching
And he would want this to come to pass

Shall we begin?…

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