… So Blind a Fate

If only we had no eyes
We would see the world without its disguise
We would know the truths that lie dormant in darkness
And life’s pleasures with abounding frankness.

If only we had no eyes
To gaze not on those who only exist to despise
To know in perfect assurance
That in simplicity lay beauty’s true appearance

If only we had no eyes
To see not ourselves trampled by babes half our size
To know in perpetual ignorance
That life is of little importance.

Then with the world we should have no link
No care to tether us to life’s stink
We should have no vision of ecstasy
Nor any paradigm of complacency.

The world should get further and farther
Clueless, a prodigal to the father
Drifting haphazardly in a swirling abyss
Where any modicum of meaning gets amiss.
Truly, we should have no eyes.
We should be spared of fools and flattery and lies
For the world before us hides its true form
Forcing down our throats rancid “eyes.”

Eyes” as used in the last line means opinion or judgement.

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