Seeing Through The Dark

Seeing Through the Dark

Alas! My mind knows the trick,
the dark blindfolding
and the search for bounties.
And my mind carved the rules
from instincts and innate thoughts,
as I walk through the dark tunnel longing for the light.
But what if the light is a lesser darkness,
making me feel at ease amidst unease?
What if the light is the true enemy of reality?
I’m beginning to see through the dark,
a place where all beings are true and plain.
A place where the real color of man stay bare and unperturbed.
Both the good and the bad have nothing to hide,
and to the far and wide … all souls displayed their inmost intents without pretense.
Though the night is the keeper of the dark, many would want her presence continually abhorring another morning of stress.
And all that the night offers:
rest, sleep, sex, party, secret meetings, bold, nudity, freedom, dreams … an endless list which the light swallows up.
Even Lord Dracula will agree with me that his freedom and viable role remains in the dark and twilight.
For the cosmos, the dark conserves energy, preserves nature and reserves a place for stealth.
A prison as some would say, the dark is becoming the abode of the great and mighty.
And the bourgeois of earth keep controlling her resources with plenty of dark acts: Dark gold, Dark web, Dark market, Dark country, Dark power, Dark this and Dark that.
Seeing through the dark, wiped away my foolish and I’ve come to realize that the dark is where the real deals are done and friendship really forged.

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