Another Morning of Uncertainty

Beautiful life of peace
announced my presence here.
The dawn is come to take me through the road of ‘maybe or maybe not’.
For me it is an exciting adventure
that will relay infinite deeds to be done.
And for this life, hope is allegedly an opium
psyching the lazy mind out of the present truth.
‘What is the present truth?’
is it a failing reality?
or a noxious ideality?
The truth is, ‘Truth’ itself is a mirror that reveals the stains and dirt still present after a nice bath.
But hope shields the mind from the truth and makes it numb per time, giving it a license to do nothing even when the tempest is risen.
And I wake into a morning where even the sun rise is an uncertainty, the bright clouds, the chirping birds, the blaring vans … all are products of uncertainty.
If Heisenberg was here today,
he won’t be surprised because he said it…
Everything in the universe and its crust is full of uncertainty.
But in a morning like this,
the only thing I’m certain about
Is the choice I make to survive….
Whatever happens I’d be glad I made them whether good or bad.

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